Camp Stories: Big sur

We camped all over California when I was young, The furthest trip was to Lake Tahoe and the only two I can remember by name were that and Pismo beach.

We never made it to Big Sur but oh, how I wish we had.

I was eight months pregnant with our youngest. Owen was two, almost three, when we took our first camping trip to magical Big Sur.

You don't like camping? You hate the outdoors?

Please, please put that aside and just go! Take the drive there, take in the beauty, the peacefulness, the smell of the ocean and the forest colliding. Take it all in and try not to stop. Take a quick hike to McWay falls. Grab a pastry at Big Sur Bakery. Take a dip in the river, walk to Pfeiffer beach - I could go on and on.

It is now a family tradition, we camp Big Sur every year. I hope and pray that our boys remember this when they are grown; that time once a year, when we packed the car and headed out before the sun was up and drove up the coast.

That wonderful place, Big Sur: