A birthday weekend


Its becoming a tradition, camping every year for Owens Birthday. We almost cancelled this time due to school, life, etc.  The 7 hour drive was seeming like a little much for just one night. Meeting up with friends helped to convince us otherwise and it ended being a perfect weekend away.

A weekend away in Big Sur is always worth it.

So long summer

We went camping at the beginning of the summer, just the two of us, no kids. Our kids are great, we like them allot, they're absolutely wonderful. Time alone though, its good, obviously.

The environmental site in Julia Pfeiffer State park is close to perfect. It's a short hike/walk, really its a walk it just sounds cooler if you say you hiked in. We did a sloppy job of packing our bags and walked to our site.

We started our summer off here and now the summer is over. Here's to hoping we get some fall trips in soon.